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If you love what we do, and you want to support it and see more of it, become part of The General Assembly Fan Club. You'll be first to get all our new music plus access to more of the story behind the music and occasional exclusive rewards (live recordings, house concerts, discounts). The General Assembly has been in slow-burn mode for too long. It's time to super-charge it. We'd love you to be involved.

Our debut album has been a labour of love to create. It's completely self-financed and stands as a statement of intent - a hint at what we're capable of. Now we want to open this thing up to you and ask you to come on board.

Music is a form of magic. It's always been like that. But the modern music industry is changing fast. What artists need more than ever is a reliable income so they can focus on their craft.

We see the darkness and richness, the colour and complexity, the challenge of living as humans in a world which humans are destroying. And we offer our music as a response. Thanks so much for your support!


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The General Assembly
VIC, Australia
The General Assembly's music paints an engrossing and unsettling picture. Matt Wicking's songs use poetry and magic-realism, to chart the points where human and non-human nature connect, where the lines blur and dissolve.

While the song-writing draws from the deep well of blues and folk storytelling, sonically it soars. Reverb-drenched guitars, synth and mellotron create swelling soundscapes.

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